Information for tenants

If you pay the rent for an End of Time rental unit, you will become a Tenant role in the End of Time Group. With this role, you can:

  1. Deed objects to the group, (useful if you want to set up a radio or video unit.)
  2. Set the parcel so that avatars inside are invisible to avatars outside (and vice versa).
  3. Set your parcel's Music and Video URL, change the name and description of you parcel, and change other parcel-specific settings.
  4. Invite people into the End of Time group, or assign the Resident role to someone already in the group (useful if you want to give a friend, partner or alt resident privileges in your End of Time home).

Please be responsible with these privileges, and use them only for your own convenience and apply them only to the parcel you are renting.

Parcels are relatively small. They give you a piece of land where you can listen to your own radio stream and carry out your own private activities. Renters may place things outside your parcel, as long as the appearance of these things is consistent with the look of End of Time. Please do not rezz whole buildings, or make modifications to the building we provide.

As an unavoidable side effect, you can also give the Tenant role to anyone, and you can make changes to other parcels in the End of Tim. Please do not do this; the group privileges you are given should be used only for the parcel you are renting.

Please do not set ban lines around your parcel. If you have issues with griefers, stalkers, or other trouble makers, please ask Pat Perth or another EOT manager to help. We would rather deal with such problems on an estate-wide basis. Keeping a griefer out of the estate altogether is a much better solution that just banning one from your little parcel.

We will do our best to set up your group membership as soon as possible after you rent a parcel, but we're not logged in 24/7 and it make take a little time. Send an IM to Pat Perth if you feel a need to hurry up a bit; she might see it in her email and log in sooner than she had planned.