No rules ...

other than those of common courtesy to others who wish to enjoy the same quiet place in the same quiet manner as you.

You learned this in kindergarten:

In other words, don't attack anyone in any way, physical or verbal. Don't be disgusting. If you drop something, pick it up when you're done.

The fineprint

The Terms of Service and Community Standards required by Linden Lab are in force. Our sims are Moderate sims, and all our policies fall within the Linden guidelines . Read this for an amplification of what the Lindens mean. We have a few local rules:

  1. Pushing and damage is turned off everywere. This is no place for combat games. There are lots of other places where that is ok. Violent activity, physical or verbal, is not permitted anywhere.
  2. Everybody here is supposed to be over 18 in real life. We have a duty to file an abuse report against anyone we know for a fact to be under 18 in real life.
  3. Children (i.e. adults taking on child roles) are welcome visitors, but, sex play involving such children is forbidden. Please read this if you're playing as a Second Life Kid.
  4. Sexual and adult activities behind closed doors in moderate sims are permitted by the Linden community standards. There are several places in EOT clearly marked 'private.' Nobody can peer over the parcel boundary (or peer out) of these places. If you come across one of them please respect the privacy of anyone who might have gotten there before you. If you're an SL Kid, please don't go into them for any reason.
  5. Simple nudity without sex is ok. People merely walking around nude should be afforded respect and courtesy. If you find nudity offensive, go somewhere else.
  6. The Linden Terms of Service and Community Standards say nothing about folks role playing BDSM, RLV, Gorean, D/s, etc. lifestyles, and EOT has no objections either, as long as it does not involve open sexual activities or violence, physical or verbal.  A Mistress walking around leading a naked submissive on a leash would be ok. A Mistress whipping a submissive would be in violation of our rules against violence. A Mistress cuddling a submissive on a picnic blanket would be ok, but if the activity looks more sexual than a cuddle, it would probably not be ok.
  7. In general, if there is any question in your mind about whether some activity is permitted, please err on the side of caution and do it somewhere else.
  8. If you see activities you believe are in violation of the Linden's policies or ours, please report what you see to Pat Perth or any other EOT manager. Other than that, it is not your job to enforce our standards.