Abilities and roles for the End of Time
Ability group Specific ability Everyone Manager Residents Staff PR Artist
Chat Join group chat *
Notices Receive & review notices *
Parcel Powers Create landmark *
Parcel Powers Set home here *          
Chat Moderate group chat * * *
Membership Invite people to group *
Membership Eject people from the group *
Notices Send notices * * *
Object management Deed objects to group *
Parcel access Manage ban lists * * *
Parcel access Eject and freeze * * *
Parcel content Return non-group objects * *
Parcel content Return objest owned by broup *
Parcel content Return objects set to group *
Parcel identity Change parcel name et al. *
Parcel identity Toggle 'show place in search' *
Parcel identity Set landing point *
Parcel powers Can always edit terrain *
Parcel powers Can always fly * * * *
Parcel powers Can always create objects * * * *
Parcel powers Can allow event hosting * *
Parcel settings Change music & media settings * * * *
Parcel settings Toggle about land options *
Roles Assign members to assigner's roles * *
Roles Remove members from roles   *        
Notes The 'everyone' abilities are assigned to every role
All managers also have the other roles so they can assign these roles to others
The 'PR' role is only assigned to a selected group of staff members