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End of Time Group


The End of Time group serves its members by giving Abilities, such as setting home anywhere, and occasional announcements about events and other happenings.

How to join

Ask anybody with an End of Time Resident, End of Time Manager or End of Time Owner tag, and he/she will invite you unless there is some reason not to do so at that time. Alternatively, IM the owner, Pat Perth and request membership.

At first we allowed anybody to join just by clicking a button on the group page, but this allowed griefers to join the group and they not only crashed the sim, but they read group notices and followed us to an alternative location and crashed that sim too. So from now on, admission to the group is by invitation only.

Group roles and abilities

Every group member receives notices and hears notices, can join group chat, can create a landmark and set 'home' at any place in the estate.

For protection, we can no longer allow all group members to rez objects everywhere. If you are a frequent visitor and would like this Ability, contact us and we will make you a 'Friend' of End of Time, which confers this ability on you.

The Abilities assigned to the group roles are listed here.