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History of Guano Island

by MairMehgan Welsh

Mair Welsh and Sammy Perth were best of friends and loved to explore End of Time. Sammy’s Mom, Patty, took them for a moonlight sail around the 4 regions and Mair fell in love with the land, and came as often as she could to visit with Sammy. Mair was 11, and Sammy was 13; it was summer of 2012.


One day, Sammy and Mair asked Patty “Can we make our own camp?”. Patty said they could. So Mair packed up her camping gear and they went exploring, crawling over every nook and cranny of End of Time in search of just the right place. They didn’t a place they liked.


A while later, they decided to go out in a rowboat. Setting out from the shores of Eotia, they headed out into the broad waters of Tide. Looming up on the horizon was an island, and they rowed toward it to explore. As they landed, they held their noses: it was just a huge rock covered in bird poop. It was called Guano Island. Holding their breath, they began to explore. Then, disaster struck! When they came back to the shore, the boat was gone! They were stranded on Guano!


Good thing Mair had her camping gear. She unpacked and set up a tent with two sleeping bags. They made a fire and set up a pot of beans and started to cook it. Mair found an old board, and sharpened a stick, then put the end in the fire. Working diligently for minutes on end, she wrote a sign, and holding it up declared “I do name you .. Camp Mair!” and hung it on a nearby post with an old paper clip from the bottom of her pack.


The beans were very bland, and they were getting quite hungry so they decided to catch some birds they spied on the east end of the island. They caught them easily and tried to cook them, but they didn’t taste very good because they were only cardboard cutouts.


Meanwhile, Patty and her partner Pelly realized that the girls hadn’t come back, and came looking for them in a sail boat. They were rescued! But Patty and Pelly loved little Camp Mair and soon fixed it up, harvesting all the bird poop to aid plant growth in other parts of the estate, and making a nice campsite for Sammy and Mair. Mair’s mom set up lots of things to do including swimming, scuba and a Camp Mair sailboat. The beans were kept on the simmer for any hungry kids that came by.


Mair and Sammy invited all their friends, and brought Sammy's friend Margy and many others to visit them at the camp. Margy stll lives at End of Time and is manager of Margy's club there.