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The island has historically been inhabited by pirates and marauders who took advantage of the numerous bays and protected small boat anchorages around the island. In ancient times, it was The proximity to the trade routes from the early 17thC up to the late 19th century made this a particularly lucrative business. A significant and unexplained magnetic anomaly also benefited the pirate trade with the navigators of fully laden ships losing their compass bearings and straying too close to the island. In addition to wildly swinging compass needles, the strong magnetic anomaly also affects most clocks which left sailors confused and unsure of longitude. To this day, copyright pirates, despite numerous attempts to flush them out, are known to lurk in the numerous caves at night and launch surprise attacks on passing traffic.

During the 19th Century tin was discovered on the Southern part of the island which was mined and for a short time provided a rare and legitimate source of income for the inhabitants of the island. There remains a disused horizontal mine shaft bored into the side of the hill on the southwest of the island. The mine workings have become unstable and dangerous and have been sealed off. However this was not before a badly mutilated body of a priest was discovered in CE1881[1], partly preserved in a sealed cask of overproof rum buried deep in the mine. His assailant was never found.


  1. Lep is of course referring to the body of St. Decimus, founder of the Church of Ten Minitism, who preached that the universe came into being, fully formed, just ten minutes ago. The fact that he could say this at noon, and then again at 1:00pm never phased him, as he would say, at 1:00pm, that the universe had come into existance at precisely 12:50, and incorporated all the memories anybody had from what he currently regarded as 50 minutes before the universe actually began. St. Decimus died roughly 600 Dry years ago, on the slopes of Mt. Eotia, killed by a falling boulder that fell, ironically, precisely 10 minutes after delivering his famous Sermon on the Mount.