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The Great Lightup

Before the Great Lightup most Eotians lived their entire lives in and around Eotia. Travel to and communication with other lands was difficult, requiring one to log into the Wet World, and then adopt various means there to travel and communicate. The lag was terrible, communications unreliable, noise unbearable, the people unfriendly, and there was no background music (except in devices called 'elevators'). Some visitors to the Wet world, however, claimed the food was better.

The seeds of the Great Lightup were planted about 300 Dry years ago in a sermon by the revered St. Kleinrock exposing ideas that would eventually lead to the invention of devices that allowed communction among residents of the Wet world using entirely Dry physics, that is, devices based on silicon. Eventually these devices found their way into the Dry world, and about 60 Dry years ago Philip the Venerable installed some of them in places like Eotia. This introduction has come to be known as the Great Lightup.

Since that time, travel among various Dry worlds, and between the Wet world and the Dry, has become easy and cheap, and has lead to a great increase in tourism and other activities. Today Eotia entertains many visitors every day who arrive via the various devices first seen only in the days following the Great Lightup. There have been downsides, of course, including but not limited to lack of sleep and carpel tunnel syndrome, but these have been more than offset by reduction in injury and death caused by Wet world travel on devices known as freeways. Further, unplanned pregnancies among Wet world residents who spend sigificant time in Dry lands has plummeted.