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The Quantum Psychics

At the other End of Time, there was the Beginning of Time, because like all good things that come to an end, there had to have been a beginning.

(This fact has caused some confusion in wet world beings, who haven’t figured out that, if they are sad that things end, they shouldn’t have started them in the first place.)

There have been various suppositions regarding the Beginning of Time. The leading theory recently, has been the Big Bang theory. This holds a lot of weight, since it’s the way most humans were brought into being, typically involving a bottle of wine and dinner by candle light. The Big Bang theory is that something quite explosive happened, someone shouted “wow” and a there was a bright flash of light. Things have been growing from that small seed ever since.

The other main theory that held everyone’s attention before the age of Wet Science, was the Creationist Theory. This theory involves the Fae, where some very powerful Fae waved her hands and made the stars and and stuff. Then she chose one particular small dust mote in the bunch to let the Wet beings muck around to see how long it takes them to mess it all up again. She let the humans have the run of the place and told all the Fae to hide, which they’ve done until recently when they discovered they could run around the Dry world quite freely without being squashed or eaten.

However, a new theory has come to the fore, and that is the Quantum theory of the creation of the universe. Quantum theory is really quite complicated, and if you want, you can read all about it here. But I’ll save you a bunch of trouble and explain it in my own words.

Quantum Theory can be summed up by saying that nothing exists until you expect it to exist.


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