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About Time

Legend has it that Crow sat in a great tree growing on the common land of the First Village for five days. The children threw stones at him, but always missed, and on the sixth day he flew away. Thus began the tradition of the six day week.

The week consists of six days, four hours a day, twenty-four for the week; and whether by coincidence by design, a dry week lasts as long as one wet day. The names of the six days of the week are Dust, Sand, Pebble, Stone, Rock and Mountain. These are also the Six Dry Things in the Eotian Classification of Everything (COE).

Crow returned four weeks later, sat in the tree for a week, then went away for four weeks. This he repeated, but the last day of the twelfth cycle was the last we ever saw of him.

From this came the pattern of six weeks repeated twelve times: six weeks we called a Month, and twelve Months we called a Year. All this happened a long time before the coming of the Clock. The first week of each month is sometimes called the Week of the Crow;; the other four weeks don't have names, other than Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth. The names of the months are Ice, Wind, Rain, Seed, Flower, Grass, Lust, Fire, Fruit, Cloud, Thunder and Hunger. How these names came about are various, and same of the stories are told on other pages.

It will be noted that the Eotian year consists of 60 Eotian weeks.