The Quantum Psychics (page 2)

The same thing is true of the universe. At the other end of time, the beginning, there wasn’t anything; just a big empty nothing. Well that just wouldn’t do, since if there was nothing, none of us would ever be able to get in the car and go to MacDonalds for lunch, and what fun would that be. But now we have a pretty fancy layout, and some of us even have satellite radio in our cars and everything. The whole setup is pretty impressive.

Now at this point, you’re wondering who would ever be clever enough to think this up all on their own without having heard of it before. Well, I’ll tell you. It wasn’t Peter Higgs, he’s the guy that thought up those troubling Bosuns. He’s pretty smart, but even he wasn’t around back then. We didn’t even have Steve Jobs, but if he had been there we would have had a lot fancier of a universe, I’m sure, complete with brushed aluminum case and solid state memories. Nope, these guys were even sharper than that!

To think up the universe these guys really had to know exactly what was going to happen in the future. To predict a Universe there really need to be: Quantum Psychics. These were the only people that could know everything that was going to happen, once they got started thinking about it. They really put the money down with “I think therefore I am.”

So now, thanks to the Quantum Psychics, we have not one, but two wonderful worlds to explore, the Wet and the Dry. The Quantum Psychics are still working hard thinking about what’s going to happen next, so you’ll see new things every day, and that’s just what makes life fun!