Renting a home in the End of Time

In brief

Because residents bring life into the estate, we offer a small number of dwellings for rent to people who would like to live here.  Our rental model is a little different from most you will find in Second Life.  Please read the following information.


If you rent from us, your residence will be part of the estate, and visitors from anywhere are allowed anywhere that is not a residence like yours.

You will get a house on a small parcel, and a license to rezz a certain number of prims, anywhere in your sim. You cannot change the outside appearance of the house in any significant way. (You can do about anything you want inside your house.) Your rent is about L$2 per prim in the house plus each prim reserved for you.

Your prims can be set anywhere in your sim. So for example you could have a picnic table outside your cabin, or keep a boat in the water. You can also rezz things (like a boat) for short times, without regard to your prim limit just so you take it back when you are done.

The group membership we will give you will inable you to control the parcel options in About Land, including the ability to set your own music URL and to mark your parcel as private (e.g. nobody can see you from outside). You can also assign group ownership to a radio or video, but you will have to ask us to give it back to you when you leave.

If you live with a partner who will be rezzing prims in your house, we will give your partner group membership and marke her partner as a co-renter for the purpose of counting prims

You can do anything you like inside your house. All sims in the End of Time are moderate and your actions outside your house should conform to what is appropriate in a moderate sim, and End of Time conditions described here.

If you have any questions, please contact the estate owner, Pat Perth.

About Prims

Read this if you wish to know more about our prim policy.