In brief

If you rent one of our houses you will be able to rezz a certain number of your own prims anywhere in the region that your house is located. Do not get too up tight about this.


Our rental houses are all located in homestead regions. A homestead region can contain at most 3750 prims. This is a hard limit, enforced by the viewer. The 3751st prim you rez will be returned.

We budget our prims carefully so we can assure each renter that he or she will always be able to rezz the prims allocated in the rental contract, that there will be enough prims for us to plant trees, grass, build roads, erect signs, and other such things, and finally, so we can reserve some prims so renters and visitors can rez a boat or a picnic basket or some other such item for a few hours.

The world will not end if you are allocated 100 prims (say) and you rez 120. We probably won't even mention it to you. But if we see that the total number of prims left in the region is not enough to ensure that each renter can rezz all the prims in his or her contract, we will start looking for ways to cut back. If you are over your limit, we may ask to you remove some of your excess prims.

We hope that if we ever have to do that, you will understand the reason.