Second Life Kids in the End of Time

In Second Life a 'child avatar' is an age verified real life adult (over 18) who role plays in Second Life as a child.

Child avatars are not forbidden in Second Life. They state clearly here that "Merely having a childlike avatar does not violate [our policy]. It is not our intent to banish childlike avatars in and of themselves."

Child avatars are welcome in the End of Time.

However, sexual ageplay, i.e. "depictions of, or engagement in, sexualized conduct with avatars that resemble children" is forbidden by LindenLab. (Read this.) We actively support this policy, and we take every precaution to remain consistent with it.

There are a few places "behind walls" in the End of Time where avatars playing as adults can engage in "sexual conduct." The Lindens do not forbid such places in Moderate sims, (every sim in EOT is Moderate.) We mark the these places "Private" with an obvious sign, and we ask child avatars not to enter these places, regardless of what you plan to do once you get inside.

Also according to the Lindens, "child avatars are allowed in Adult regions, as long as they are controlled by a person who [is verified] to be at least 18 years old." While EOT is not Adult anywhere we recommend that SL kids who plan to spend more than just a few visits in EOT join the End of Time Family Group and wear that group's tag when you are here. Being a member of this group will signal that you are 'under the control' of age-verified adults (namely, the staff of EOT, or any adult member of the family group). If you want to join this group, ask either Pat Perth or Lil Lowey for an invitation. This group is also open to SL parents and other family members.