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Wet writings about the End of Time

Some years ago, no one wrote down when, a trunk was discovered buried in the sands near Just in Time campsite. It contained a number of strange objects, not the least strange of which was, wrapped carefully in a leather pouch, a slim book filled with writings in a nearly illegible hand. Our school teacher at the time, an old woman named Tap Rep, after a long and careful examination, concluded that the trunk was originally manufactured in the Wet World, and that trunk contained objects once owned by the author of the journal, a Wet explorer named Lep Hcsul. No further information was obtained about Lep, but from the writings it appears that he (or she) was one of the very few people from the Wet World to visit the Dry regions of the End of Time before the Great Lightup.

The journal appears to have been the original draft of the explorer Lep's ideas about the geology, climate, and history of the End of Time. It is was also clear from other fragments that the author intended to describe the social habits of the inhabitants, but these writings are too garbled to understand.

What follows are Tap's transcriptions of the few paragraphs that she transcribed and left behind when she passed away. Unfortunately, the journal itself is now lost, as well as the objects found in the trunk, although some say Tap buried them all in the same place where they were found, so it is not impossible they may come to light again.

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